Professional Information

Hi! My name is Katelyn Adams, and currently I hold a degree in Elementary Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I also took various reading courses to gain a Reading concentration as well. For more information, see the resume link above.

During my student teaching placements, I have taught in Governor Mifflin School District- specifically Brecknock Elementary in a first grade classroom. I have also taught in Reading School District, in Northwest Elementary in a fourth grade classroom. Both placements gave me experiences that I learned from and will use in my own classroom. Although I gained knowledge from both experiences, I believe that I am stronger teacher in a younger classroom and feel very comfortable with children of this age. According to the state, my degree is for K-6, however I feel that my degree is for K-3, because I am a more confident teacher with kids of this age.

Thank you for your time that you have given to finding out more about me. For more information, feel free to browse through my ever-changing portfolio site and feel free to email or call me with questions. I will answer them as soon as possible. Please feel free to open each picture to see a closer image as well.

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