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Below are some brief instructions on how to transfer your files to EvenLink.

To get your files from your computer to EvenLink

If you are creating a web page, or you are transferring web pages to our server, you will need to send them via an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program.  So, first you need to obtain an FTP program if you don't already have one.  Some of our favorites include... WS_FTP or CuteFTP.

To download WS_FTP click here.

To download CuteFTP click here.

Once you have downloaded and installed an FTP program, you need to tell it where to send the files.  Below is the information that most FTP programs will require in order to connect you to the remote server (EvenLink):

Host/Server Name:
Username:  (The username assigned to you by the webmaster)
Password:  (Your Evenlink password)

Once you have this information in, you'll be able to connect to our server and transfer your files or pictures..

Transferring HTML documents/Web Pages

When transferring your files, you *MUST* be in your 'web' folder for them to show up on the World Wide Web.  In order to be in your 'web' folder, typically you have to double-click on the folder when you connect. Your opening/main page should be entitled "index.html" or "index.htm" (The quotes aren't necessary).  Your linked files and pictures do not need the word index in them.  You will also want to refrain from using spaces in your filenames as it may cause problems for some viewers.

Your homepage by going to

Helpful Tips

Tip #1:  To have your webspace be visible by others you will need to have one of the files named either index.htm or index.html.  Be sure you make it one or the other.  If you have both files listed and one ends in htm and the other in html your site may not be visible.

Tip #2:  Make certain that all of your files are uploaded as well as the index file.  If you do not upload all of your pertinent files your site may not work properly.

Some helpful areas to visit

 o HTML Tutorial -
 o HTML Design Program -

Please be aware that our webmaster can not help you with the design of your website without your account being charged a fee.  Web site design does not fall under technical support.

Thank you,
EvenLink Web Department