Mt.Carmel Area Linux Users Group
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    Welcome to the official homepage of the Mount Carmel Area Linux Users Group of Mt. Carmel Pennsylvania. We are a group of individuals dedicated to an improved and more stable way of computing life. We are also dedicated to helping each other and others to also experience this advanced operating system called Linux. Our group helps others to resolve hardware and software issues as well as offering assistance in the ways of set-up and configuration in the world of Linux. Most versions of Linux are available for download FREE.

   If you'd like to Join us, we are looking to increase our membership. Membership to the MCALUG does not include do or die mandatory meetings. It instead is a web-based group relying more on e-mail as a means of communication. A member is not even required to live in the Mt. Carmel area.

   As you can see from the above links there are a variety of pages offered in this site. We have done this to be helpful to members as well as all Linux users in general. Included is a page of Linux specific wallpapers, links to Linux download sites, links to hardware sites and other links as well. There is also available a fast loading browser home page sporting the MCALUG logo utilizing the Google search engine for your surfing convenience.

   If you see something here you like, if you see something you don't like, or if you would like more information, please click on the e-mail link above. Any and all e-mail inquires will be promptly answered. Enjoy your visit and may the penguin be with you.