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American Zen Buddhist Temple - Vairocana Monastery was established on July 14, 2000.  It located on a beautiful site, two miles east of Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania.  The land is about fifteen acres on Rt. 940 near Taco Bell in Paradise Township.  There are three buildings and a parking lot in the front with a stream, a pond, a large lawn and forest at the back.  In the middle is the Temple building, which has a Buddha Hall, a library, an interview room, a Master's room, and a kitchen.  The largest building is the Retreat House, which has a Zen Meditation Center and twelve small suites.  The Zen Meditation Center is a two-story house with a library and a conference room down stair and a Zen hall up stair.  The third building is a cottage stands on a little hill on the left side of the entrance.

As a Buddhist Temple, Vairocana Monastery carries the mission of spreading the teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha.  Along with the long-term goal to become a retreat center, an on going program is designed to introduce the Buddhist teaching and practice that helps us to purify our body, speech and mind.  All are welcome to join the meditation, teaching, retreat and other Dharma activities.  Help for the building repairs and any operation needs will be greatly appreciated.

Thank to all donors, who have selflessly made their contribution to support the temple spiritually and materially.  Thank to the Lord Buddha for blessing this beautiful spot to become a temple.  May the Buddha's wisdom and compassion bless all beings living with peace, pure and harmony.

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